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Cotton Beach


Cotton Beach Club Ibiza offers a sublime fusion of iconic beach life and luxury, set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, welcoming you to an unforgettable experience of relaxation, music, and culinary delight.


The space

Perched atop a picturesque cliff, gazing over the tranquil Mediterranean expanse, rests Cotton Beach Club Ibiza—a sanctuary that artfully unites the essence of Ibiza's beach culture with refined luxury. From the instant you set foot on its premises, a vibrant ambiance and energizing music embrace you, creating an experience shared with spirited patrons. As the name suggests, everything is crafted from cotton material, offering a tactile connection to the surroundings. This unique destination seamlessly intertwines mouthwatering Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with awe-inspiring views. Celebrated by global luminaries such as jet-setters, fashion icons, and influencers, Cotton Beach Club Ibiza cultivates a sincere atmosphere of hospitality, ensuring relaxation and satisfaction. The rhythmic beats played by internationally acclaimed DJs from Ibiza's thriving electronic music scene form an exquisite auditory backdrop. Music transitions from serene sunset vibes to electrifying midnight energy, offering a resonant experience for every preference.


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