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Papaya Playa Project

Mexican | Seafood

Papaya Playa Project offers a unique blend of natural beauty, urban energy, creative vibes, and a range of activities to create an unforgettable beach club experience in Tulum. Contact us for event tickets/tables.


The space

Nestled along the enchanting Caribbean Coast of Tulum, the celebrated Papaya Playa Project beach club boasts a remarkable expanse of powdery sand stretching over a kilometer. Embodied by the encompassing jungle, this easily accessible location is a highly requested venue which always brings the good vibes and good parties. Legendary for hosting both renowned Saturday soirées and iconic Full Moon Events, with some top artists performing from all over the world. The restaurant, overlooking crystalline waters, ensures not just sustenance but an awe-inspiring dining vista. Contact us now to help you secure the best spots as Papaya Playa Beach Club.


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