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10pm - 5/6am

Negrita Bar quickly becomes a hub of activity, so booking ahead is essential!


The space

For an enchanting sunset view paired with delightful cocktails, Mykonos' Negrita Bar is your ultimate destination. To secure a table with this breathtaking view, early reservations are recommended, especially during sunset moments. This gem is nestled along the shoreline of Little Venice, an idyllic district within Mykonos Town renowned for its picturesque charm. Negrita Bar is dedicated to crafting fantastic cocktails and does not offer food, making it the perfect spot for enjoying drinks before venturing elsewhere for dinner. If dining isn't your priority, consider staying until around 10 pm when the party comes alive as the bar transforms into a lively club, creating an electric atmosphere within its intimate setting. While it may not be the largest venue, its size amplifies the vibrant energy.

In summary, Negrita Bar promises an unforgettable experience, particularly for those seeking a special place to relish Mykonos' sunset ambiance.


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