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STK Steakhouse


STK Ibiza, located in Marina Botafoch's Ibiza Corso Hotel & SPA, offers a unique blend of contemporary steakhouse cuisine and a chic club-lounge atmosphere, providing an exceptional dinner disco experience accompanied by live shows and tantalizing dishes.


The space

STK Ibiza is a dynamic venue that seamlessly merges contemporary steakhouse cuisine and a stylish club-lounge ambiance. This upscale dining destination offers a unique dinner disco experience, combining delectable grilled dishes, tantalizing cocktails, and captivating live shows featuring global artists. STK's menu showcases American cuisine infused with worldly influences, with diverse options for vegetarians and gluten-free diners, plus imaginative dessert presentations, the dining experience is truly exceptional.

Collaborating with renowned international artists, DJs, and celebrities, STK Ibiza delivers an immersive dinner disco with stellar performances, creating an atmosphere filled with music and wonder. With a modern design, in-house DJs, and live entertainment, STK Ibiza stands out as a high-energy destination, accommodating up to 250 guests, making it a magnet for the stylish and the stars. Embark on an unforgettable night of fine dining and entertainment at STK Ibiza. STK Ibiza, situated in the heart of Marina Botafoch within the Ibiza Corso Hotel & SPA, effortlessly combines contemporary steakhouse cuisine with a chic club-lounge ambiance, offering a distinctive dinner disco experience. This upscale dining concept promises delectable grilled fare and tempting cocktails, all accompanied by top-tier live show entertainment featuring global artists for an unparalleled night out. The menu showcases American cuisine infused with global influences and seasonal inspiration, alongside a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free option. The dessert selection tantalizes with its creativity! With collaborations with international artists, DJs, and celebrities, characterized by a sleek, contemporary design, in-house DJs, and live entertainment, STK Ibiza attracts a celebrity following and can accommodate up to 250 guests. STK Ibiza continues to shine in the heart of Ibiza Town, serving as a dining landmark and delivering world-class cuisine and a high-energy vibe that has cemented its place in this bustling party capital.


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